Dr. Chen and his team literally saved my life. When I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease a little over 2 1/2 years ago, I had lost over 40 pound in five weeks. I was misdiagnosed three times; it wasn't until the fourth emergency room visit when I was finally treated for Crohn's disease and omitted to the hospital for a week. I suffered from chronic vomiting, stomach pain, nausea, and severe appetite loss. My initial G.I. doctor had told me that if I did not go on Chemotherapy drugs, I would have to have parts of my intestines removed which were covered with lesions. I was prescribed pain killers, synthetic morphine, nausea medication, and Remicade. 
I had made the decision that I would pursue holistic treatment instead of the aforementioned prescriptions and depending on the outcome, I would decide if I needed the medication. After seeing Dr. Chen, I immediately started to see improvement. I started to gain my appetite, feel less and less nauseous, and properly digest food again. I not only did not suffer from any of my previous symptoms since seeing Dr. Chen, my follow-up pull cam endoscopy test results taken two years after my initial test had shown that EVERY single lesion in my intestines were gone, they had ALL healed. In addition, my Prometheus blood test came back negative for Crohn's. My G.I. doctor was baffled and confused as to how the lesions had healed without Remicade or Humira and stifled as to how I now test negative. My G.I. has urged me to continue Dr. Chen's treatment. 
I remember during my first visit with Dr. Chen, he had shared with me that it would ale discipline and patience, however over time, I would heal. I believed him and held strictly to my diet, drinking my tea, and changing my lifestyle. I am forever grateful for his help and I wouldn't have it any other way! I cannot even begin to express my sincere gratitude for Dr. Chen and his team. They gave me a whole new life, a second chance at living a life, a life with health. 
(N. Gray, CA) 

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Despite taking numerous medications to treat this condition, my symptoms persisted. I was in such severe pain that normal daily activities became extremely difficult. After undergoing treatment with Dr. Chen, I am virtually symptom-free and on no medication. The results have far exceeded even my greatest hopes. 
(J.Donovan, CA) 

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis over 6 years ago and have been on high doses of prednisone and asacol for years. I have to say that the first few weeks of starting your teas and diet, I was skeptical of your alternative philosophy since I didn't see immediate results. After weeks of sticking with the program, I slowly started noticing that I felt less bloated and had more energy. You slowly weaned me off of the prednisone ad then asacol. I am very grateful that after a year of starting your program, I am drug-free and feel I have my disease under control. 
I feel healthier and think clearer than ever before. I want to thank you again, Dr. Chen, for your dedication and research. I want others to know that are battling with this disease that there is an alternative way and you don't have to suffer. 
(D. Leibovitch, CA) 

Following knee replacement surgery and excessive use of prescribed antibiotics, I developed a life-threatening candida infection. Desperate for help, I flew from Florida to San Diego to consult with Dr. Chen who had been highly recommended. After three months of treatment with prescription herbal teas and dietary modifications, my doctors were amazed to fine no evidence of candida in my cultures. Bless you Dr. Chen for your excellent care, dedication and compassion. 
(M. Todd, FL) 

I suffered from endometriosis for a year before undergoing Iaparoscopic surgery. This alleviated my pain for two months, but then recurred. I began treatment with Dr. Chen and after just five months, I was completely pain free. I would never have believed it was possible to feel this great. If only I had found Dr. Chen sooner.   (K. Knight, CA) 

I suffered with a chronic tendinitis condition which specialists had told me to "just live with." Four weeks of Acupuncture treatments was all it took for Dr. Chen to heal this condition. I am playing golf again - pain free!    (R. Popovich, CA)

I came to Dr. Chen suffering from chronic flu-like symptoms, including crippling fatigue. My regular doctor appeared to offer no solutions, but after a few weeks of Dr. Chen's herbs I felt transformed. Thank you!   (N.Hazeldine, CA) 

After years of progressively worse flares of my ulcerative colitis, my doctor had me schedules to have my whole colon surgically removed. I took myself off all the drugs (they obviously weren't helping me anyway) and began treatment with Dr. Chen.  Within three weeks, my symptoms were noticeably decreased and within five weeks, I was functionally symptom-free. I am a trained biologist, and, as a teacher of physiology, I am naturally skeptical of non-traditional treatments. However, there is no doubt in my mind that my improvement was due to Dr. Chen's treatment. 
(D. Clarke, CA)

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at the end of 1993 and had to quit my job because I fell so ill. I tried mainstream Western medical treatment for approximately one year, with no significant result. After several months with Dr. Chen, my symptoms abated and I am feeling great and have game back to work. I was such a relief to find such outstanding and individualized medical treatment, which I'd never experienced before. It is wonderful to have no more Crohn's symptoms and I am eating a healthier diet than ever before, thanks to Dr. Chen's guidance.    
(J. Asbell, CA)